pickles, jams, jellies
Home made and canned pickles, fruits, tomatoes
at our store in Gills Rock. Visit us for a taste delight!
Bea's Ho-Made Products, Ltd.

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Where to Find Cherries

Wisconsin red cherries are featured in abundance year 'round at Bea's Ho-Made Products on the very tip of the Door Peninsula in Gills Rock, Wisconsin. Turn on Highway 42 at the sign for the Northport Ferry Dock in Gills Rock and you will shortly arrive at Bea's where you can watch jams, jellies, pickles and ho-made pies being made in our kitchen.

Make Bea's a Door County destination
on your next visit!
Hours 8-5 daily
Closed on Sundays Nov. 1- May 1

Try our newest jam flavor: Plum Kissed Pear

Only the finest and freshest products, locally grown, are used to make the cherry products and other garden products we offer, such as corn relish, salsa, cucumber relish, sweet and dill pickles, and fruit pies. Select a combination of canned foods for gift boxing and shipping for any special occasion.

For your convenience, our market information, also available on the Wisconsin Red Cherry Grower's information page, is listed.

Frozen Cherries all year cherry yes Wholesale, Retail
Dried Cherries all year cherry yes Wholesale, Retail
Freshly Baked Pies all year, in store no Wholesale, Retail
Complete line of home-canned cherry products, including jams and jellies

all year cherry yes Wholesale, Retail
Other canned vegetable and fruit products, including pickles, fruit preserves, peppers, corn relish.

all year cherry yes Wholesale, Retail
Gift boxes of canned and dried fruits & condiments (list available upon request) all year cherry yes Wholesale, Retail
Payment: Mastercard, Visa, Discover & personal check.

Inquiries & Orders
(located in Gills Rock)
763 State Highway 42
Ellison Bay, WI 54210

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